c assigning string pointer to other string pointer

I have that code:


int main()
    char *str = "aaaaaaaa";
    char *stt = "bbbbbbbb";
    *str = *stt;
    printf("%s\n", str);

return 0;

it gives me an error: Access violation writing location, someone can explain me why and how to over come this?


You are only assigning the first character, which you shouldn't since string literals are not mutable.

Simply use str = stt; to assign the pointers.

BTW, since they are not supposed to be changed, you'd better use const qualified types as in

char const *str = "aaaaaaaa";

String literals like "aaaaaaaa" are read-only, and your code is trying to overwrite the first character of the string pointed to by str. If that's what you want to do, you'll need to do something like this:

char str[9];
char *stt = "bbbbbbbb";
strcpy(str, "aaaaaaaa");
*str = *stt;
printf("%s\n", str); // prints: baaaaaaa

Of course, it's more likely that what you really want is this:

str = stt;
printf("%s\n", str); // prints: bbbbbbbb

A string literal is un-modifiable, i.e, you can't modify a string literal. This is because it is stored on the read only section.

Try this instead

char str[] = "aaaaaaaa";
char stt[] = "bbbbbbbb";  

char *pstr = str;
char *pstt = stt;

pstr = pstt;  
printf("%s\n", ptr);
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